WordPress Fancybox plugin – only 2kb

WordPress Fancybox Plugin with External CSS and JavaScript

This plugin allows users to display images and galleries in a Fancybox overlay on their WordPress site. It utilizes external CSS and JavaScript files to provide a sleek and seamless user experience.


  • Responsive design: The Fancybox will automatically adjust to fit the size and orientation of the user’s device.
  • Easy integration: After enabling the plugin, there is nothing else to do. It works automatically for images and galleries as well.
  • Multiple media types: The Fancybox can display JPG PNG ang GIF
  • Keyboard navigation: Users can navigate through the Fancybox using their keyboard’s arrow keys.


  1. Download the plugin ZIP file from the site
  2. Go to the WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  3. Click the “Upload Plugin” button and select the downloaded ZIP file.
  4. Click “Install Now” and wait for the plugin to be installed.
  5. Once installed, click “Activate Plugin” to start using it on your site.

live demo here

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