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Post grid – wordpress plugin

I created a plugin that if you enable it with shortcode you can embed entries by category. read more


Popular posts – wordpress plugin

This plugin displays in the sidebar or with shortcode popular posts. You have the possibility to set the number of posts to display , and if you want the category. read more


Weather widget and shortcode – wordpress plugin

Last update: 04.11.2022.

I created a plugin that allows you to add a weather forecast module to your sidebar, or as shortcode anywhere. read more


Secure password generator wordpress plugin

Last update: 04.11.2022.

I created an random secure password generator. read more


Display attachments wordpress plugin – new version available

Last update: 04.11.2022.

I made a new version of the previous attachment plugin. The new version displays both the size and the file format. read more


List childpages wordpress plugin

Last update: 04.11.2022.

This plugin lists the subpages of the current page. The extension also includes a settings page where you can customize the colours of the layout. read more


What are the wordpress shortcodes?

Last update: 20.11.2022.

WordPress shortcodes are small snippets of code that allow you to do various things with little effort. They were introduced in WordPress 2.5 and were introduced to allow people to execute code in WordPress posts, pages and widgets without writing code directly. read more