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Change login page -wordpress plugin

The default way to crack wordpress is for the attacker to type wp-admin after the website address, which redirects to wp-login.php where the login page is displayed. read more


How to enable post thumbnails for custom post types too?

To enable the featured image function for a custom post type too, insert the following code snippet into the functions.php file. read more


Remove the built-in wordpress jquery

It often happens that certain functions are blocked by the built-in jquery javascript of wordpress. read more


Featured image alternatives on three levels

If you forget or can’t set a featured image, it won’t look very good on your website. read more


WordPress random image from directory

How to use a randomly selected image from a folder? If you use the code snippet below, the code will select an image from a random folder in the uploads folder. read more


The Sidebar

You can use the following code snippet to call sidebar and display the widgets in sidebar.php
read more


How to enable post thumbnails?

Paste the following code snippet into the current template functions.php and save or upload it.
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How to customize the default wordpress gallery shortcode output

If you paste the following code snippet into functions.php and save or upload it, the default div id gallery will be replaced by the div class gallery in the example below, which you can style in css.

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