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The posts pagination

If you don't like the navigation of the previous page of the next page, but want to display it in page numbered order, you don't need a custom plugin. WordPress has this feature! read more


Search results example – The search.php

Create a file named search.php. Insert the following code and upload it to the current template directory. read more


Search form example

This code snippet, when pasted into the sidebar, will display a search form. read more


Show timed posts that are not yet live – Show future posts

Last update: 15.09.2022.

If you are using pre-timed posts as a way to display future programs, you may have a problem that they don’t show up because they haven’t reached their dates yet. The following code snippet provides a solution. read more


The author meta tag

Last update: 16.09.2022.
 <meta name=”author” content=”<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>” />
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Different posts per page on desktop and mobile devices – code snippet or wordpress plugin

Last update: 16.09.2022.

I found a great code snippet on the Stack Overflow that if you paste it into functions.php it will display a different page number on desktop or notebook and other mobile devices. read more


Duplicate meta description solution – code or wordpress plugin

Last update: 16.09.2022.

Some plugins provide a search engine optimized page description, but many wordpress themes already have a default one. read more


How to use the get page title and get page link functions

If you use the get_the_title and get_page_link functions You can change the permalink and title without causing a link error, as the parameters are generated based on the page ID. read more

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