Google Search is the internet’s most popular tool for information retrieval. However, growing concerns surround the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-generated content on search results. Many believe AI content is drastically reducing the quality of Google Search, despite Google’s pledge to combat AI-powered results. read more

Last update: 13.03.2024.

During the continuous use of ChatGPT, I have noticed that its capabilities seem to deteriorate.
I conclude that both the questions entered and the answers accepted are part of machine learning. As a result, a lot of the incorrect code that is entered becomes part of the database, just like the scripts that are corrected and created. I only use it for programming, so I have no insight into the other segments, but the change is striking. It still solves almost everything but needs more rewriting and refinement. read more

Last update: 16.03.2023.

read more

Last update: 13.03.2024.

As an AI language model, ChatGPT is not designed specifically for WordPress programming, and it is not a programming tool or framework. Therefore, it may have some limitations in terms of providing specific programming solutions or instructions for WordPress development. read more

Last update: 30.03.2023.

Here are ten reasons why you should use WordPress to manage your website content. read more

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