10 + 1 reasons to use WordPress to manage your website

Last update: 30.03.2023.

Here are ten reasons why you should use WordPress to manage your website content.

  1. WordPress is free. The software and modules are free to use. Try it, you risk nothing.
  2. WordPress is open source. You can easily find the original source code publicly available.
  3. The wide range of plugins greatly increases its functionality. WordPress is flexible enough to meet all your needs through its extensions and plugins.
  4. WordPress is easy to use. It is available in a wide range of languages and you can get answers to all your questions online in no time.
  5. WordPress has a huge community of active users and developers. One in three websites in the world runs WordPress, with 75,000,000 active installations currently registered, growing by 50,000 users a day.
  6. WordPress is secure. Regularly updating your WordPress version is an effective way to combat security vulnerabilities.
  7. WordPress supports multimedia. Not only can you write text, you can also embed images, videos and sound files on your site without any special knowledge.
  8. WordPress is search engine friendly. The structure generated by the software and the use of the right add-ons ensure that your search engine placement is the result of our efforts.
  9. WordPress is mobile-friendly. Google penalizes sites that are not mobile-friendly by ranking them lower on their results page. With WordPress, you don’t necessarily need to redesign your entire site to be accessible on tablets and smartphones, as most themes are automatically responsive.
  10. WordPress is also used by global companies. WordPress is implemented by some of the world’s most well-known brands with millions of page views, including Nasa, Mozilla, Coca Cola, the Wall Street Journal and many more. WordPress can be considered a serious business website solution.
  11. WordPress also works with social media. People can easily comment on your blog using their own social network accounts. The content you display can be easily shared on all major platforms: facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc…

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