WordPress Fancybox Plugin with External CSS and JavaScript

This plugin allows users to display images and galleries in a Fancybox overlay on their WordPress site. It utilizes external CSS and JavaScript files to provide a sleek and seamless user experience. read more

To enable the featured image function for a custom post type too, insert the following code snippet into the functions.php file. read more

If you forget or can’t set a featured image, it won’t look very good on your website. read more

How to use a randomly selected image from a folder? If you use the code snippet below, the code will select an image from a random folder in the uploads folder. read more

Last update: 21.11.2022.

I had been looking for a simple image watermarking plugin for a long time, but what was simple didn’t work, what worked was complicated. read more

I created a plugin that helps you to create search engine optimized image names and descriptions automatically. read more

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