User Info – Plugin for WordPress

Are you curious about who’s visiting your WordPress website? Want to provide your users with a more personalized experience? Our plugin has you covered! Here’s what it does:

User Information Display: Gain insights into your website visitors with a wealth of information. Know the number of online users at any given moment, see the visitor count, and identify their city, region, country, operating system, IP address, and browser details.

Sidebar and Dashboard Widgets: Make user data accessible and engaging with our user-friendly widgets. Easily add our “User Info” widget to your website’s sidebar, allowing visitors to view their online status and unique visitor ID. On the admin side, we’ve got you covered with a convenient dashboard widget that offers a quick snapshot of your site’s user activity.

You can choose between two sidebar widgets for the plugin , one using the database and the other using the database. Both are also displayed on the dashboard, so you can select which one you like.

Plugin Configuration: Fine-tune the plugin settings according to your needs. Adjust the time threshold for considering a user as “offline” to match your specific requirements.

Efficient Database Management: Our plugin efficiently manages user data, cleaning up the database to remove inactive users automatically.

User Info – Plugin For WordPress

User Info – Plugin For WordPress

Enhance your WordPress website with the “tigaman webdesign – User Info” Plugin. Get to know your audience, boost user engagement, and provide a more tailored experience. Download and install the plugin today to start unlocking valuable insights about your website visitors!

live demo here

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