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The main purpose of the TWD Security Start Pack plugin is to increase the security of your website. Let’s take a look at what this plugin can do:

  1. REST API Restrictions: the plugin blocks the user endpoints of the REST API, so external users cannot access such data. This means in practice that you cannot list users by knowing their username. This is important because if the usernames are available, resources are only used to find out the password.
  2. PHP File Edit Disable: The plugin disables the ability to edit PHP files in the WordPress administration. This prevents potential attackers from modifying the code.If PHP files are allowed to be edited through the WordPress admin interface, it could compromise the security of the site. Malicious users can easily cause damage by gaining access to PHP code.
  3. Hide WordPress Version: All versions may contain security fixes and vulnerabilities. If it becomes identifiable it can be vulnerable to attacks such as hacking or malware intrusions.
  4. Login Page Modification: the plugin allows you to modify the URL of your WordPress login page. This can strengthen security by making it harder for attackers to find your login page.
  5. Custom 404 Page: if a page cannot be found (404 error), the plugin will display a custom 404 page. This allows you to use customized error pages on your website.
  6. Administration Menu: the plugin also creates an administration menu in the WordPress admin interface where you can easily set the URL of the login page.

The TWD Security Start Pack plugin is a useful tool to improve the security of your WordPress websites.

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