How do I link my website to my Facebook page?

Last update: 11.08.2022.

It is useful to approach the issue from a content perspective, whereby if you post the information you want to display directly to Facebook as a post, and perhaps include your website contact details below, you can generate traffic to your own site, but your search rankings will not reflect the positive impact of the unique content.

The other ideal solution is to share the news or information from the owned website, and require visitors to visit our own website to read it. This takes the user one click away from accessing the content, but it enriches the content, brings visitors, introduces them to the full spectrum of the activity and, optimally, they will come back looking for answers to their questions.

There are several parallel options for how to link:

  • facebook fan box – to display the likes of the facebook page
  • Facebook like button to express your opinion
  • facebook share button to share content

We should also be aware of the possible disappearance of Facebook, or a loss of interest in it, as several examples show that those who have exclusively placed their communication on MySpace have had to quickly switch to a dedicated website and/or Facebook/Twitter.

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