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Administrative email change without approval – wordpress plugin

The problem: I created the website, I change the administration email, but the owner doesn’t validate the change because he can’t or doesn’t want to. read more


Automatically generated robots.txt plugin

For a long time I’ve been struggling with the problem that I forget to upload the robots.txt file, because I need to access the root repository via FTP. read more


Change login page -wordpress plugin

The default way to crack wordpress is for the attacker to type wp-admin after the website address, which redirects to wp-login.php where the login page is displayed. read more


What are the limitations of chatgpt in wordpress programming?

As an AI language model, ChatGPT is not designed specifically for WordPress programming, and it is not a programming tool or framework. Therefore, it may have some limitations in terms of providing specific programming solutions or instructions for WordPress development. read more


Insert PDF shortcode – wordpress plugin

To embed the uploaded PDF, you can use the following shortcode read more


Super Simple Twitter Feed – wordpress plugin

The WordPress Twitter shortcode allows you to embed a Twitter feed into a WordPress post or page. read more