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Duplicate meta description solution – code or wordpress plugin

Last update: 16.09.2022.

Some plugins provide a search engine optimized page description, but many wordpress themes already have a default one. read more


Responsive Youtube embed solution – wordpress plugin

The problem: the wordpress built-in Youtube embedder does not produce responsive code. read more


Theme color meta tag with code snippet or with wordpress plugin

Last update: 16.09.2022.

You can use this code snippet or wordpress plugin to set the theme color on mobile devices.

The settings apply to Chrome Frefox Windows and Safari devices. read more


Display attachments wordpress plugin – new version available

I made a new version of the previous attachment plugin. The new version displays both the size and the file format. read more


Custom wordpress login logo – wordpress plugin

Last update: 11.08.2022.

This plugin helps you to configure the logo on your wordpress login page. read more


List childpages wordpress plugin

Last update: 11.08.2022.

This plugin lists the subpages of the current page. The extension also includes a settings page where you can customize the colours of the layout. read more


Add Twitter meta tag to header – wordpress plugin

Last update: 14.08.2022.

This code snippet adds the Twitter Cards meta members to the header and fills them in automatically, helping you to share on Twitter. The plugin also comes with a settings page where you can set your Twitter username. read more


Simple CookieBar

Last update: 11.08.2022.

This wordpress plugin creates a customizable window where you can write attention to the fact that your website uses cookies and set a link to your privacy statement. read more