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Insert last uploaded PDF – wordpress plugin

All this one-line plugin can do is display the last pdf file uploaded to the page or post. read more


Administrative email change without approval – wordpress plugin

The problem: I created the website, I change the administration email, but the owner doesn’t validate the change because he can’t or doesn’t want to. read more


Automatically generated robots.txt plugin

For a long time I’ve been struggling with the problem that I forget to upload the robots.txt file, because I need to access the root repository via FTP. read more


Change login page – wordpress plugin

Last update: 20.09.2023.

The default way to crack wordpress is for the attacker to type wp-admin after the website address, which redirects to wp-login.php where the login page is displayed. read more


Insert PDF shortcode – wordpress plugin

To embed the uploaded PDF, you can use the following shortcode read more


Super Simple Twitter Feed – wordpress plugin

The WordPress Twitter shortcode allows you to embed a Twitter feed into a WordPress post or page. read more


Include PHP Shortcode – wordpress plugin

This will create a shortcode called [template] that you can use in your WordPress posts and pages. read more


Include Page Shortcode – wordpress plugin

Allows you to include the content of a page by ID or slug using a shortcode. read more

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