Simple CookieBar

Last update: 11.08.2022.

This wordpress plugin creates a customizable window where you can write attention to the fact that your website uses cookies and set a link to your privacy statement. read more

Last update: 16.09.2022.

This code snippet adds Facebook Open Graph meta tags to the header and fills them in automatically, helping you to share on Facebook pages or groups. read more

Last update: 09.10.2022.

This plugin or code snippet will restore the classic wordpress widgets. Use the code or download the wordpress plugin. read more

Last update: 11.08.2022.

It is useful to approach the issue from a content perspective, whereby if you post the information you want to display directly to Facebook as a post, and perhaps include your website contact details below, you can generate traffic to your own site, but your search rankings will not reflect the positive impact of the unique content. read more

Last update: 14.08.2022.

Including the wordpress version number in the source code will help malicious attacks, as known exploits of non-updated versions of wordpress can be exploited.

Use the code snippet or plugin below to solve the problem.

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Last update: 27.08.2022.

This wordpress plugin displays a popup window to indicate to visitors that the adblocker is running and the content is only visible after the adblocker is turned off. The plugin comes with a settings page where you can customize the message displayed. read more


Include page example

Last update: 16.09.2022.

How to insert a php file or page content into another content. read more

Last update: 04.11.2022.

This wordpress plugin uses a shortcode to display a list of attachments uploaded to a post or page.

new version available

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