Last update: 21.11.2022.

This plugin collects the number of visitors in custom fields. read more

The plugin allows you to add custom code to the worcpress header. read more

I created a wordpress plugin that combines CounterUp with Waypoints. This is important so that the counter only starts when it comes into view. read more

If you paste the following code snippet into functions.php and save or upload it, the default div id gallery will be replaced by the div class gallery in the example below, which you can style in css.

read more

I created a simple wordpress plugin to customize the built-in pagination, but you can also use the code snippet. read more


The posts pagination

If you don't like the navigation of the previous page of the next page, but want to display it in page numbered order, you don't need a custom plugin. WordPress has this feature! read more

Create a file named search.php. Insert the following code and upload it to the current template directory. read more


Cookie Banner Pro

Last update: 03.10.2022.

I have created a new GDPR compliant cookie warning. read more