I created a plugin that if you enable it with shortcode you can embed entries by category. read more

I have created a wordpress plugin that displays the number of users browsing the site in a widget. The plugin includes a settings page where you can set the time interval. read more


The Sidebar

You can use the following code snippet to call sidebar and display the widgets in sidebar.php
read more

The plugin allows you to add custom code to the worcpress footer. read more

Last update: 21.11.2022.

I had been looking for a simple image watermarking plugin for a long time, but what was simple didn’t work, what worked was complicated. read more

Paste the following code snippet into the current template functions.php and save or upload it.
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This plugin displays in the sidebar or with shortcode popular posts. You have the possibility to set the number of posts to display , and if you want the category. read more

This plugin is the administration interface for the post views plugin. read more