Last update: 16.03.2023.

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As an AI language model, ChatGPT is not designed specifically for WordPress programming, and it is not a programming tool or framework. Therefore, it may have some limitations in terms of providing specific programming solutions or instructions for WordPress development. read more

To embed the uploaded PDF, you can use the following shortcode read more

The WordPress Twitter shortcode allows you to embed a Twitter feed into a WordPress post or page. read more

This will create a shortcode called [template] that you can use in your WordPress posts and pages. read more

Allows you to include the content of a page by ID or slug using a shortcode. read more

The iframe is an outdated solution for embedding content that is punished by modern search engines, but sometimes, for example in the case of Facebook, it may be necessary to use them.

This plugin allows you to easily add iframes to your WordPress posts and pages using a shortcode. read more