Allows you to include the content of a page by ID or slug using a shortcode. read more

The iframe is an outdated solution for embedding content that is punished by modern search engines, but sometimes, for example in the case of Facebook, it may be necessary to use them.

This plugin allows you to easily add iframes to your WordPress posts and pages using a shortcode. read more

WordPress Fancybox Plugin with External CSS and JavaScript

This plugin allows users to display images and galleries in a Fancybox overlay on their WordPress site. It utilizes external CSS and JavaScript files to provide a sleek and seamless user experience. read more

To enable the featured image function for a custom post type too, insert the following code snippet into the functions.php file. read more

It often happens that certain functions are blocked by the built-in jquery javascript of wordpress. read more

If you forget or can’t set a featured image, it won’t look very good on your website. read more

Here are the steps to add a whitelist on some popular ad blockers. read more

How to use a randomly selected image from a folder? If you use the code snippet below, the code will select an image from a random folder in the uploads folder. read more